Apple Computer Repairs, [email protected]

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Phone number or Email902-980-1700
StateNova Scotia
Zip/Postal CodeB3K 5M3
Nova ScotiaHalifax

Additional Info

902-980-1700, macOS Support & Troubleshooting
Repairs to MacBook Liquid Damage/Corrosion Logic Boards, Intel and M1
We also replace Screens, Keyboards, Track pads, Batteries, Chargers, SSD/Flash drives, Memory etc.

Quick reply to Emails [email protected]
Call 902-980-1700 10 am till 5pm

122 Goat Lake Road
Chester, Nova Scotia
Booking by appointment only.

Open 7 days a week
Monday……..10am to 5pm
Tuesday…….10am to 5pm
Wednesday..10am to 5pm
Thursday……10am to 5pm
Friday………..10am to 5pm
Saturday…..10am to 5pm
Sunday…….10am to 5pm

macOS Corruption,
Bricking, EFi Firmware updates, Revive or Restore, malware, etc
Data Recovery
XProtect, Gatekeeper, MRT, TCC, KEKT
Clean instal of any macOS
We repair and upgrade
MacBook Logic Board Repair (Corrosion)
MacBook Liquid Damage Repair
MacBook Screen Replacement
MacBook Battery Replacement
MacBook Keyboard and Trackpad Replacement
MacBook Fan Replacement
MacBook SSD/Flash drive replacements and upgrades(2012-2015)
MacBook RAM upgrades (Pre 2013 non retina devices only)

iMac Hard Drive, SSD replacements and upgrades.
iMac Logic Board Repair
iMac screen replacements
iMac RAM upgrades
iMac fan replacements
And more!
Selling your old Mac Computer or handing it down
Tried to erase your data?
Unable to instal a new macOS?

Just purchased a new M1 Mac
Not enough free space?
We can transfer your data from your old Mac over onto your new M1 Mac
The macOS Monterey or Big Sur installer is about 12GB in size. But you’ll need some additional space to install it. According to Apple, if you’re upgrading from macOS Sierra or higher, macOS Monterey/Big Sur requires 26GB of available storage to upgrade. And if you’re upgrading from an earlier version, macOS Monterey/Big Sur requires up to 44GB of available storage.

We offer SSD/Flash drive upgrades for compatible machines, 500GB, 1TB
MacBook Pro’s Retinas Late 2013 to 2015
MacBook Air 2013 to 2017
System taking up to much space on your HD/SSD?
is your Mac computer saying you have run out of memory?

NO SSD/Flash drive, Memory upgrades to M1 Macs after purchase
Are you a victim of browser hijacking,
Are they trying to extort money from you to release your browser?
Have you downloaded Malware on your Mac?
Have you just purchased a secondhand Mac?
Are you looking to upgrade your old Mac?
Have you just spilled liquid on your MacBook?

Have you just returned from the Apple store, (Please have the Apple report handy with Part no’s and prices)
and you’re now looking for a better quote?
or your Mac is no longer supported by Apple care?

Mac really slow since upgrading to a newer O/S?
Does your Mac run hotter than normal?

Need a new OEM Apple battery or charger for your Mac?
Apple Warranty run out on your Mac?
Wi-Fi stopped working on your Mac?
Unable to download a new macOS?
To all the 2011 Mac’s out there……..
Maximum macOS High Sierra 10.13.6
Failed, Corrupt or Really slow instal of High Sierra 10.13.6
(Old hard drives do not like the new APFS file system)
We can give you a clean instal of High Sierra 10.13.6,
on a brand new SSD
As long and you have a time machine back up,
We can restore all of your personal data.

To all the 2012, Early 2013 Mac’s out there……..
Maximum macOS Catalina 10.15.7
Corrupt or Really slow instal of Catalina 10.15.7
(Old hard drives do not like the new APFS file system)
We can give you a clean instal of Catalina 10.15.7
on a brand new SSD, (2013 already has an SSD/flash drive)
As long and you have a time machine back up,
We can restore all of your personal data.
We can give you a Clean instal of any macOS
on a compatible Mac machine
Snow Leopard 10.6
Lion 10.7
Mountain Lion 10.8
Mavericks 10.9
Yosemite 10.10
El Capitan 10.11
Sierra 10.12
High Sierra 10.13
Mojave 10.14
Catalina 10.15
Big Sur 11
Monterey 12